About Us

CBD is not only beneficial to humans but also pets. We all love our pets, and we naturally seek out the best medication for them when they’re unwell. If you have been keeping up with blogs about pets, the chances are that you’ve come across talk about CBD for pets. Studies show that CBD could help your pets with pain relief, convulsion, inflammation, stress, anxiety, arthritis, tumor, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular issues, and even promotes homeostasis.

If you have questions about giving CBD to your pets, you have come to the right place. Organic Pet CBD is dedicated to informing you about everything you need to know about giving this amazing cannabinoid to your pet.

CBD is 100 percent safe for your pets. But you must understand that not all CBD products are the same. The level of purity of each CBD product depends on the way the plant is grown as well as the extraction method and the other additives to the mixture. At Organic Pets CBD, we promote only organic CBD products. By organic, we mean marijuana plants that are grown without pesticides, fungicides or any other toxic materials. What’s more, we only recommend products that are made from CBD which is extracted without any heating. This guarantees the highest-quality CBD.

Always consult your veterinary before using a CBD product on your pet.

If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch with us at [email protected]